History obligates us! We have been here for you for 36 years!

MicroWARE, s.r.o., is a company with a 36-year history in the field of information technology (IT) in the Czech Republic. Its founder, Tomáš Macourek, established the company in 1988 and it soon became a leading player in the IT sector. In 1991 MicroWARE became the first authorized service provider for Commodore and Amiga computers.

The company's main focus includes providing modern and professional IT services, especially in Prague and the surrounding area. Using a network of proven partners and computer distributors, it specializes in the distribution, deployment and promotion of Open Source Software. MicroWARE emphasizes individual customer needs while offering affordable and quality services.

1 year extended warranty

Bambu Lab A1 Mini and A1 Mini Combo printers come with a 1-year extended warranty

We cooperate
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3D Printer TwoTrees SK1

3D Printer TwoTrees SK1

Basic parameters

TwoTrees SK1 CoreXY 3D Printer,
256x256x256mm print area,
Acceleration 20000mm/s2,
filament flow up to 32mm3/s.
ATTENTION! It is a real "trident" i.e. 3 motors on 3 screws of the Z axis, not 1 motor on 3 screws as in BambuLab!!


A new era of Microware e-shop: the transition to Upgates

A new era of Microware e-shop: the transition to Upgates

Dear Customers,

We are pleased to announce that our e-shop eshop.microware.cz is undergoing an important transformation. We have decided to switch from the PrestaShop platform to the advanced Upgates system. This move moves us closer to our goal - to provide you with an even better shopping experience and improve the efficiency of our work. We expect the original e-shop to close by the end of January 2024.

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