3D scanners and accessories - In stock

Welcome to the "3S Scanners and Accessories" section of our e-shop, where we offer cutting-edge solutions for digitizing the real world into digital form. Our products are carefully selected to meet the needs of professionals and hobby users looking for accuracy, speed and ease of use.

3S Scanners
Our 3D scanner portfolio includes a wide range of models from portable handheld scanners for quick scanning on the go, to desktop scanners for maximum detail and accuracy. Suitable for applications in design, engineering, art, archaeology and many other fields. Our equipment offers:

High scanning accuracy: capture even the finest details with our precision scanners.
Easy to use.
Flexibility: From small objects to large scenes, our scanners adapt to your needs.
In addition to scanners, we also offer a wide range of accessories to enhance your scanning process:

Tables and mounts: for stable and accurate scanning.
Calibration panels: Ensure maximum accuracy of your scans.
From simple adjustments to complex modelling, our software covers all your scanning needs.
Transport Packaging: Protect your investment while traveling or in storage.
Our commitments
Expert advice: our experts are here to help you choose the ideal scanner and accessories for your projects.
Support: We offer extensive technical support and training for all our products.
Quality and Reliability: All our products are tested and selected based on strict quality and reliability criteria.
Explore our range and discover how our 3S scanners and accessories can transform your workflow. Whether you are trying to capture a work of art in its full glory or need a detailed scan for an engineering project, we have a solution for you. Welcome to a world where anything can be digitally captured and reproduced with incredible accuracy.