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Bambu Lab - AMS Connector Board

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13,91 € excl. VAT
16,83 € incl. VAT
The AMS interface board is a circuit board that provides 24 V power and also provides communication between the AMS and the printer.
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Bambu Lab - Touch Screen - A1 mini

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26,69 € excl. VAT
32,29 € incl. VAT
2.4 inch IPS capacitive touchscreen display that connects to the motherboard. Users can control the printer using the touch screen.
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Bambu Lab - AMS Cable Pack (5-in-1)

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13,16 € excl. VAT
15,92 € incl. VAT
Some of the cables used inside the AMS include 1 RFID board interconnect cable, 1 power cable, 1 485 bus cable, 1 speed measurement board…