Loxone - VAR-TEC

Welcome to our Home and Business Automation section, where we specialise in intelligent solutions that transform your home or business into a more efficient, safer and more comfortable environment. Our leading products include solutions based on LOXONE, the world leader in intelligent automation.

LOXONE automation is a revolutionary approach to controlling your home or business space. With innovative technologies and a simple user interface, LOXONE allows you to integrate and automate a wide range of systems - from lighting, heating, air conditioning, security systems, to audio and video systems. Everything is designed to work together in a harmonious ecosystem that provides you with maximum comfort while minimizing energy consumption and costs.

With LOXONE, your home or office becomes truly intelligent. Lighting automatically adjusts to daylight, the temperature in each room will always be optimal thanks to intelligent heating and air conditioning, and your safety is assured with advanced security features that you can control from anywhere.

We offer a complete solution from planning to installation to service. Our experts will help you select the ideal configuration for your needs, provide professional installation, and provide support to keep your systems running smoothly. Discover a new dimension of convenience and efficiency with us - discover the world of LOXONE automation.