Bambu Lab - Bambu Lab X1E

Bambu Lab - Bambu Lab X1E

3D printer Bambu Lab X1E More

Manufacturer: Bambu Lab EUProduct code: 57897 Shipping and Payment

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3D printer Bambu Lab X1E More

Manufacturer: Bambu Lab EUProduct code: 57897 Shipping and Payment

More enhanced connectivity options

Stable Ethernet connection, WPA2-Enterprise Authentication Wi-Fi Connection

The X1E offers the ability to connect to your devices via a newly added Ethernet port, ensuring robust network communications in complex environments. Ethernet connectivity can also be used in crowded Wi-Fi environments. In addition, the X1E provides WPA2-Enterprise Wi-Fi Authentication (EAP-PEAP/EAP-TLS/TAP-TTLS) and individual switches for both Wi-Fi and Ethernet to meet stringent network security requirements.

Operations outside the Cloud

Fully functional with LAN connection only

X1E can operate standalone without a connection to the Bambu Cloud Service, fully functional within your local network. Users can remotely control the X1E via LAN communication without the need for an internet connection.

High-performance air filtration

Effectively filter particles and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) generated during 3D printing.

The Bambu Lab has combined a G3 pre-filter, a HEPA H12 filter and a high-quality coconut shell activated carbon filter to ensure optimal air filtration. Enhanced filtration can effectively reduce excessive odours and particulates generated by printing in less ventilated environments.

Active heating and controlled chamber temperature

Reduces deformation, improves layer bonding

The X1E can actively heat and regulate the temperature of the chamber. Precisely controlled chamber temperature (up to 60 deg.C or 140 deg.F) improves print quality, especially for fibers prone to deformation such as ABS and PC.

320 st.C (608 deg.F) nozzle temperature

More heat for higher temperature materials

The higher nozzle temperature allows printing of higher performance materials such as PPA-CF/GF, PPS and PPS-CF. These new materials have improved dimensional stability, heat resistance and mechanical properties.

Robust high-speed CoreXY

Super fast and robust design for continuous high-speed printing

The cutting-edge carbon fibre rods in the CoreXY motion structure enable the X1E to achieve a printhead acceleration of 20,000 mm/s2 by reducing the weight of moving parts. This faster acceleration allows the X1E to maintain its maximum travel speed of 500 mm/s for longer periods of time, significantly reducing overall print time.

Vibration and extrusion compensation

Stable and high-quality prints even at high speeds

The X1E can actively compensate for XY-axis vibration and extrusion issues to ensure exceptionally smooth print quality. All measurements are fully automatic, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

AI failure detection

Reduce filament waste and printer downtime

The AI X1E algorithm can detect first layer imperfections and print failures with Lidar and computer vision. It then automatically pauses the print to prevent catastrophic failures.

Intelligent filament management

Supports automatic filament change and allows multi-material printing with support material for better surface quality

X1E can connect 4 Bambu AMS systems in parallel to print with up to 16 spools of filament, which is good for printing special support materials for seamless surface and multi-color printing. AMS also supports automatic fiber replacement to consume all the fiber on one spool before moving to the next.