Enraged Rabbit Carrot Feeder ERCF_V2.0 Full Printed Parts kit, ONLY PLASTICS

Enraged Rabbit Carrot Feeder ERCF_V2.0 Full Printed Parts kit, ONLY PLASTICS

AMS Automatic Filament Feeder Enraged Rabbit Carrot Feeder ERCF_V2.0 Full Printed Parts KIT, plastic parts kit More

Manufacturer: MICROWARE (tm), s.r.o.Product code: 58101 Shipping and Payment

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AMS Automatic Filament Feeder Enraged Rabbit Carrot Feeder ERCF_V2.0 Full Printed Parts KIT, plastic parts kit More

Manufacturer: MICROWARE (tm), s.r.o.Product code: 58101 Shipping and Payment

Enraged Rabbit Carrot Feeder ERCF_V2.0 Full Printed Parts KIT set of plastic parts for a community filament feeder/changer project originally designed primarily for the VORON printer user community

The very latest and greatest ERCF! The long awaited V2 model! Other extensions e.g. CottontTail (ERCT), Filametrix (ERF) etc. are here as separate products

All details can be found here:


The configuration options are basically correct, but if you are ordering for the first time, there will probably be some additional questions :)

STL printable documents come from GITHUB at https://github.com/Enraged-Rabbit-Community/ERCF_v2 and are updated before printing.

Before ordering please consider the ERCF parameters i.e. number of filaments served or others as offered.

Voron ERCF V2 parts sets, printed in PolyMaker ASA in the colours of your choice. Production time is 1-2 weeks depending on complexity and whether we need to order the required colours.

*While we typically print with Polylite ASA and have all colors available, we will gladly order any brand or color of filament you desire, although this will require a separate order to adjust pricing and shipping time accordingly. We also stock Prusament Galaxy Black ASA, which is available on request at an additional cost.

* If you wish, you can choose colours other than black for the main colour.
* Kits include clear parts [c] printed with Polymaker Clear PETG.
* Filametrix (ERF), ERCT" include a Cotton Tail inline bumper and all other standard options are also available.
* I can specify any specific number of channels to suit your requirements. Please note that some images show a 9 channel configuration.
*Please note that this quote includes only printed plastic parts - it does not include any non-plastic BOM parts that you will need to build the ERCFv2.

Please pay attention to the order placement selection on the eshop. Later changes may not be taken into account! Before we start printing, you will receive a packing list so you can check that all the parts you need are in the package. All kits include parts reference manuals and packing lists.

If you have any other questions or requests, please feel free to send me a message.

Print Setup:

Perimeters: 4
Top/bottom layer: 5
Filler: 40% Grid.
Nozzle 0.4mm

# ERCF v2 FAQs

### Q1. Will there be kits available for ERCF V2 and where can we get them?
LDO and a number of suppliers will have kits available to order in the coming months. Complete kits will be available sometime late in Q1 2024.

### Q2. I have purchased an ERCF v1.1 kit. Will this kit be compatible?
The ERCF v1.1 kits will be compatible with the V2 kits with some additional hardware and fastener kits. We have made every effort to use as much of the original kit as possible. The upgrade kits will be available from various select vendors in the coming months. Keep in mind that the kits will have less than one channel for upgrading to V2 to accommodate wider fiber blocks.

### Q3. Will the ERCF come with a fiber cutter?
The ERF (Enraged Rabbit Filametrix) has been developed and optimized to work with ERCF V2. Although there are dozens of toolhead designs, the initial release will be based on Voron Stealthburner with Clockwork 2. There are many versions of the toolheads and the STL library will be expanding to support a larger community. We also encourage the public to develop and test their own versions and submit them for inclusion in our collection. Additional extrusion heads are actively being developed and will be released in the coming months.

### Q4. I see that the ERCF comes with a built-in buffer. Is this mandatory or optional?
The Enraged Rabbit Cotton Tail (ERCT) was specifically designed to provide the best possible multifilament experience for V2; however, it is completely modular and optional for your build. You may choose to use other buffer designs; our software design is flexible. One of the outstanding features of the ERCT is the ability to use a prefetch sensor that is designed specifically to improve Endless Spool performance.

### Q5. Do I have to order a kit or can I get one myself? Is there a bill of materials?
Kits are expected to be available in Q1 2024. Our BOM will list all the necessary parts with a guide to help you customize the kit to your requirements. The BOM can be found via our GitHub listing with links to suppliers who can provide parts for custom delivery.

### Q6. When and where will the BOM v2 be posted? Will it be with the same BOM as V1.1?
The V2 BOM will be placed on the GitHub page after the RC1 release. It will be in a new location, not on the old ERCF V1.1 page.

### Q7. What tool heads will this release support?
Initially, ERCF V2 will be released with ERF (Filametrix) for Voron Stealthburner CW2 tool heads. We are actively developing and collecting many popular hotends that will work with it, and will be part of the GitHub repository. Alternative extruders are also being developed or are being shipped with a cutting head. ERCF V2 also supports sensorless systems, but is less reliable than filament-cutting solutions.

### Q8. Is a BTT MMB board required, or will the older Easy BRD still work with V2?
The BTT MMB is the new standard and recommended board for V2. The Easy BRD and alternatives will work for most V2 features, but some of the new features, such as pregate sensors and in some cases RGB lighting, will require a board with enough terminal and LED inputs to fully function.

### Q9. Where can I get support for my ERCF V2 assembly?
ERCF V2 is built on a community of supporters and other experienced builders. If you have any questions or support issues, please visit the [VoronDesign #ercf_questions](https://discord.com/channels/460117602945990666/909743915475816458) Discord server, where members of the V2 team and community are available.

### Q10. Is there a tutorial on how to build and calibrate my new ERCF?
Yes, a build guide is available as a PDF on the GitHub repository.

### Q11. Will ERCF V2 work with printers other than Voron printers?
ERCF V2 currently works with most Klipper-based printers. The current exception is sandboxed Klipper builds, which are proprietary to some companies and do not have the ability to add third party software. Check your product's support site to see if there are options for adding third-party add-ons that may allow you to install the necessary software to make ERCF V2 work with your printer.

### Q12. I have modified using V1.1 with TripleDecky, SturdyBunny, Springy, etc.  Do I already have ERCFv2?
No. While ERCFv2 includes many "beta" project modifications from the team, it also includes many enhancements, some subtle and some not.  All of these changes were necessary to ensure that ERCFv2 would work together.  The only exception is that the TripleDecky C7.0 thread blocks are identical to the blocks in ERCFv2. Other than these, we strongly recommend that you reprint and reassemble them to ensure you have a supported platform. In addition, a Happy Hare with the manufacturer and version set to "ERCF" and "2.0" will correctly support ERCFv2, but this mode will not necessarily work with a heavily modified v.1.