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Today, there are many types of 3D printing substrates available in a variety of materials, such as glass, PEI (polyetherimide filament) or magnetic steel substrates, and there are countless other options you can equip your 3D printer with.

In addition to the traditional backing, you can also equip your device with special permanent printing plates and films that improve the adhesion of the filament to the printing platform and prevent warping. To facilitate print removal, flexible print pads can be used to easily remove the model by bending it.

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Bambu Lab - A1 mini Heatbed Cable

In stock at the supplier within a week
7,17 € excl. VAT
8,68 € incl. VAT
The cable connects the hotbed and the main board, allowing the hotbed to be powered, controlled and send temperature data at the same time.
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Bambu Lab - Heatbed Unit - A1 mini

In stock at the supplier within a week
43,12 € excl. VAT
52,18 € incl. VAT
Heatbed Unit A1 mini is a printing platform installed on the printer that can move back and forth in the Y direction and is heated…