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Nozzles for 3D printers

Nozzles in various designs and materials
The nozzle is a part of the 3D printer that applies the molten filament to the print substrate. There are many different types of 3D printing nozzles and it is important to use different sizes.
Brass nozzles are ideal for regular 3D printing. For abrasive materials such as carbon, metal and wood, it is advisable to use coated or hardened nozzles.


What is a nozzle for 3D CHT technology

What is a nozzle for 3D CHT technology

CHT (Coated Hotend Technology) for 3D printing is a way to improve the properties and performance of the printer nozzle. CHT nozzles are specially modified nozzles that have a special coating on their surface. This coating can be designed to improve the nozzle's wear resistance, increase its thermal conductivity, or reduce the material's adhesion to the nozzle. This allows printing with a variety of materials, including abrasive ones such as filled filaments, with greater speed and accuracy.

CHT technology can also include innovations in the design of the nozzle itself, such as improved geometries for more efficient material flow or better heat transfer. All of this leads to better print quality, faster printing and longer nozzle life.

The exact features and benefits of a CHT nozzle may depend on the specific manufacturer and the type of coating or nozzle modification. It is one of many approaches to improve 3D printing technology and expand the possibilities of what and how we can print.